3 Reasons Buying Used Tires Can Be A Really Bad Idea

The tires you have on your car are worn down, and replacement is now an all-out must, but there is one big problem: your funds are low, and you are afraid you cannot afford a new set. You spot a used set of tires for sale in the size that will fit your vehicle, so it's easy to assume this is a good deal to jump on. Unfortunately, buying used tires for your car is not always the best idea. In fact, it can be a really bad idea. Here's a look at a few reasons why buying used cars can be a wrong move as an automobile owner. 

1. You inherit someone else's tire problems

It is extremely difficult to tell by looking if a tire has certain types of problems, especially if a tire has been taken off the rim. For example, if a tire has a belt broke inside or has a pinhole-sized leak, you probably will not notice when the tires are not even aired up. Buying used tires means you will inherit these unseen problems, which can leave you still needing a new set of tires and with a loss because you already spent the money to buy that used set. 

2. You will have tires that are unevenly worn

Tires are kind of like the soles of a pair of shoes. The soles of shoes are all made the same, but they will wear in different patterns according to things like the weight of the person wearing the shoes, the way in which they walk, and even the shape of their feet. This explains why your old shoes are more comfortable than your new ones. Tires wear differently according to the vehicle and how the vehicle is driven. So when you pick up a used set of tires, they will be pre-worn to accommodate the previous car. Uneven wear can cause issues with things like your sensitive all-wheel-drive system.

3. You get tires with no warranty

When you buy a set of brand new tires, you will almost always get a warranty to cover those tires for the duration of so many miles. This warranty is held in the purchaser's name when they pay for the new tires. Therefore, if you buy a used set of tires, even if they look to be about like new with plenty of treads, you will not inherit the warranty to protect them if something goes wrong. 

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