Replacing Or Upgrading Tires And Wheels On Your Car Or Truck

One of the first things people do when they start to customize a car or truck is to look at new wheels and tires. Every vehicle on the road requires tires at some point so if you have to replace them anyway, why not consider something nicer that will stand out? Getting new wheels and tires is not difficult, the hard part comes when you are trying to settle on a style.

Where Do You Go For Wheels and Tires?

In almost every town or city there is a tire shop that specializes in tires, wheels, and some accessories for your car or truck. If you don't have one, you could shop online but doing it in person makes it easier to get the information you need. When you visit the tire shop, they will check the tire size that is on the car and recommend a new one but talk to them about what you want to do with tires and wheels. They can help you get the right size and help with the rims (wheels). They have some things to consider and check, but even if you are a complete novice to working on your car, they will help you get the right parts

Oversize Truck Tires

If you are a 4x4 enthusiast, you might have a truck with larger than stock tires on it. When it comes time to replace them, be sure you take it to a shop that understands how to fit and service those tires and wheels properly. If they are too large, they won't fit right, and if they are too small, well, they just look silly. Getting the same tire you had on the truck is most likely your best solution. The type of tire or even the brand may change but keep the size the same so that you do not run into trouble with fit.

Rims or Wheels?

If you want to replace the rims or wheels on your car or truck, there are some things that the dealer will need to know. The offset requires, the size of the rim, and the vehicle that they will be used on are all important, along with the depth or width of the wheel. The wheel needs to clear everything on the suspension and running gear. A good way to tell is to test fit the wheel without the tire mounted on it and then spin it and turn the steering while you watch for problems. Once that is done, you can mate the tires to the wheels and install the new wheels and tires on your truck or car. Not only will you look good, the new tires will keep you safe on the road. 

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