4 Signs You Need New Tires

From changing the oil and replacing brake pads to cleaning the interior and exterior, maintaining the function and look of your vehicle can become overwhelming. Some tasks may seem more important than others, since you want to operate your vehicle in the safest manner possible. Your tires are imperative for the safe operation of your vehicle, but you may not know when it is time to replace them. With this guide, you will learn a few key signs your car needs new tires.

At or Above Average Mileage Lifespan

There are many factors that determine when and if you need new tires.

If you drive aggressively, speeding, braking hard and fast, or driving off-road, your tires may wear down faster. Also, the make and model of your vehicle and the size of tires/rims you have can affect how fast your tires wear down. How well you maintain your tires will also play a role in when you need to replace them.

No matter how or what you drive, mileage is also a factor to take into consideration.

Most experts believe tires have a lifespan of between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. If a new car is approaching this mileage range or if you have not changed your tires in that number of miles, it is probably time for new tires.

Bulging Tires

If your tires are wearing down, your tires will show visible signs of distress. The wearing down will cause the tires to deflate, making the tires appear that they are bulging at the sides.

In most cases, the bulging will be most noticeable on the tire's sidewall, meaning the inner lining is damaged and it is allowing air to escape through.

If you notice this bulging damage, there is very little protection between your tire and the road. If you don't replace the tire, you are likely to have a blowout, which may lead to a dangerous accident.

Worn Tread

One of the most important signs that will help you determine you need new tires is the overall condition of the tire's tread. Over time, the rubber that grips the road will wear down even with just basic driving. If you drive aggressively or you drive on uneven terrain, the tread will wear down even faster.

In severe instances, you can visibly see the noticeable difference in your tire tread. On the other hand, you may not even realize your tread is worn down until you inspect it more closely. The use of a penny can help you determine if your tire tread has worn.

To complete the penny test, place a penny upside down into the space between a few areas of the tire's tread. If you are able to see all or even the top of Lincoln's head, you do not have a sufficient amount of tread left on your tires. To avoid blowouts and dangerous accidents, replace your tires immediately.

Vibrating/Rumbling Noises

If your tires are worn, your car will not grip the road safely or evenly. The uneven rubber/tread of the tires will make contact with the road unevenly, causing a vibrating or wobbly feel and noise while driving.

In some cases, the uneven tire tread and lack of air pressure may cause a vibration in your steering wheel. This can also affect your ability to drive safely.

Many people may believe the vibrating and wobbling can be fixed by rotating and balancing your tires. However, if you are dealing with any of the other signs, your tires are in distress and you should replace them.

New tires may be an expense, but they are a great investment for your car's appeal, value, and operation. Contact a company that offers new car tires for sale to learn more.

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